World Missions Committee (WMC) - Pre-Conference

SEPT 6th of 2016 - TUESDAY

Session 1
3 pm - 4:30 p.m.
Reaching Those Who Have Not Heard:

- Muslim: Dr. A.R. Hasmat, Paquistan

- European: Daniel Costanza, Belgium

- Buddhists: Nobuyoshi Nagai, Japan

Moderator: Murray Cornelius, Canada

Session 2
5 pm -6:30 pm
Starting from Zero: How to Get the Local Church Motivated for World Missions?

- Latin America: Isai Avedano, Colombia

- Asia: Shirley Siwi, Indonesia

- Africa: David Batenzi, Tanzania

Moderator: Brad Walz, Argentina/USA

Session 3
7 pm - 8 pm
Local Church or Sending Agency and Networks in the Sending? Biblical Model and Practical Experiences in the Pentecostal Missions.

- Latin America: Brad Walz

- Asia: Steven Kum, Malaysia

- Oseania: Iose Iamba, Papua New Guinea

- Europe: Ghita Ritisan, Romania

- Africa: Abel Ouedraogo, Burkina Faso

Moderator: Dr. Arto Hamalainen, Finland

SEPT 7th of 2016 - WEDNESDAY

Session 1
9 am -10:15 a.m.
Serving People wholistically. Are we doing that in a balanced way?

- Europe: Pelle Hörnmark, Sweden

- Africa: Jackson Kaluzi, Tanzania

- Asia: Dr. A. R. Hashmat, Pakistan

- World Without Orphans: Ruslan Maliuta, Ukraine

Moderator: Harri Hakola, Finland

Session 2
10:45 am -12 pm
Pentecostal Training Programs- Are They Really Mission-Minded? (together w/ WAPTE)

Speakers/moderators: Dr. Paul Alexander & Dr. Delonn Rance/USA

(for all interested)

SEPT 8TH (Thursday)
SEPT 9TH (Friday)

5-6:45 p.m.
Strategic Missiological Facts about Global Missions. How Far are We From Reaching the Goal?

Dr. Grant McClung, USA

Brad Walz, Argentina/USA

Moderator: Dr. Arto Hämäläinen